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Voting for sites in England closed on 31 October 2011

South West England

FINAL Votes for 196 Votes against 19

Bawden Rocks

There will be a public consultation on the English network in 2012, so there will be another opportunity to have your say.

What you could find at Bawden Rocks

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Voting on sites in England has now closed. To see the draft MCZ network that is being recommended go to

This site isn't protected in any way.


Where there are rocky pinnacles, life is plentiful and the Bawden Rocks are no exception. The rocks are home to scores of fish including long-spined sea scorpions, thornback rays and lemon sole while the rocky walls are crowded with crabs and gorgeous little sea slugs.

Observations on use

Where there is plentiful sealife, people follow. These rocks are popular with divers as well as anglers. Trawlers operate offshore and gillnets and shellfish pots are set around the rocks.

What difference would protection make?

Completely protecting this amazing oasis is not just about keeping safe all the colourful and fascinating creatures that depend on it. The rocks are a haven for fish, lobsters and edible crabs which, if given a chance, could multiply, grow and spill out to the surrounding areas and improve the local catch.

Bawden Rocks   Latitude: 50.3357   Longitude: -5.2270   Size:

Bawden Rocks
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